I am seeking the help of my neighbors.

Please share this story at your Christmas or Holiday gathering.

I will eagerly and happily pay you five dollars ($5) this holiday season to share my story at your dinner table, this is my best chance yet to get the word out about my situation and resolve it, please email me at 

This kind of storytelling at the dinner table this holiday season is my only hope to distribute my message to a large enough audience such that it may reach the appropriate helpful ears.

I will do the same favor for you if you ever need help in this direction, getting a message out.

Here is my story:

I’m being left no choice but to be hurt, participate in hurting others, including perhaps engage in treason. This is dire. I need support and awareness of you. Please record and remember my name. Thank you.

Anything you can do to help me is vital. The best you can do is share my story today and check on me in the near future.